About The Toddler Inn


The Rainbow Curriculum

Just like rainbows, education never ends.

We have a unique curriculum written and reviewed specifically for The Toddler Inn. This is in place to facilitate the educational and developmental needs of the children in our care. The carers use this curriculum to ensure your child takes part in a balanced range of fun activities and educational programmes suited to his or her development. Our Rainbow Curriculum is based on the premise that children are the leaders in their own education.

This really is, as our motto says, “A helping hand in those formative years”. It will give you the knowledge and understanding that, as each child begins to learn, walk, run, explore, question, mark make & act; it will be with confidence that this is happening in a secure, safe environment, leading them comfortably and easily into their future and compulsory schooling.

The Toddler Inn Curriculum

At The Toddler Inn the team plan and provide a broad range of activities daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly that promote physical, intellectual, linguistic, emotional and social development, and are sensitive to the individual needs of each child in our care. We recognise the importance of providing children with the best standards of education appropriate to their age. Regular training of and courses for the staff take place to ensure this high standard is maintained. We continuously monitor this Rainbow Curriculum ensuring that we are implementing suitable and flexible activities and opportunities.

Each room is designed and set out with a complete range of activities included in accordance with our Rainbow Curriculum and each room is developmentally appropriate to the age group based in it.

Activities include:

  • Table top e.g. jigsaws, pegs, threading, which help develop fine motor skills and mathematical thinking (no matter how young!).
  • Story Corners filled with soft furnishings and wide ranges of books.
  • Construction areas complete with different types of blocks, Stickle bricks, Lego etc.
  • Imaginative play/ dramatic play e.g. dress up or role play enhancing social skills.
  • Messy areas have painting, play-dough, sand and water play etc…and even a few surprise textures to enhance sensorial development.
  • Free choice play is included which would often involve a lot of physical activities to enhance gross motor skills, crawling, walking, running, jumping etc. but will also encourage independence and social skills. We also have a large outdoor area with appropriate equipment to encourage play and development there.

Included in our curriculum is Ceol’s ‘Step into Music’ Programme. This is an innovative approach to pre-school music education. The programme introduces children to composing, performing, listening and responding, as well as early musical concepts in a fun and child-centred manner. Progressively they will build confidence through being provided with opportunities to learn about sound, pitch, rhythm, tempo etc. giving them a well balanced, extensive and solid foundation in their musical education. Development and understanding in math’s and language is also achieved through this programme as well as linking it in with activities such as movement, drama and art.

Also facilitated is Gymboree Play & Music! The benefits of Gymboree Play & Music are brought directly to the children while at The Toddler Inn! A qualified Gymboree teacher runs a high energy Music class within our normal daily routine. Highlights of this programme include singing, dancing, instrument play, and the world famous “Parachute and Bubble Time”! “Gymbo” even pays a visit at the end of each class. Gymboree programs are specially designed to help young children learn and develop as they play.

Our curriculum is enriched with the addition of these programmes as well as our “Taste of Theresa” Programme. Theresa our on site cook works with each group of children weekly in developing their cooking and baking skills. Children of all ages benefit from cooking and baking. It teaches measurement, encourages exploration of their senses & can entice them to try new foods. Hygiene & food safety, self esteem, healthy eating habits & team work, hazard awareness. Concepts such as time, maths, reading, science and culture are all touched on and thought through our “Taste of Theresa” programme.

The Toddler Inn team take very seriously their commitment to the development of a child’s natural curiosity and appetite for new experiences so that he or she begins to benefit and contribute to the crèche from the outset. The crèche has the resources to look after the development of children from 1year until they reach school going age and even up to after school care.

Daily diaries are kept to tell you about your child’s day, and include information about personal hygiene, feeding and curriculum. Weekly development assessments are made which are reviewed 3 times per year and relayed to parents at scheduled developmental evenings.

A monthly curriculum plan is drawn up which gives parents an insight into what types of activities their children will be exposed to and what they will be learning.

Children also have access to our outdoor play area on a daily basis.