Types Of Care

Our Commitment

The Toddler Inn maintains a high level of commitment to our customers and, for this reason, we wish to ensure that they have regular contact with us through Manager/Parent Meetings, Record Keeping, Open Days and Parents Evenings BBQ’s and Social Events. We operate an excellent communication policy ensuring all our parents have direct access to and interaction with all members of the team.

We are also providing the following schemes:

ECCE Scheme - Free Preschool Year, designed to give children access to a free pre-school year of appropriate programme based activities in the year before starting primary school.

TEC Scheme – supporting parents on eligible training courses by providing funded childcare places for children  aged 12mths – 8years.

At each stage of a child’s development we at The Toddler Inn provide a great deal of individual attention, so that we can adapt activities to your child’s needs. Our timetable provides for a wide range of activities, including regular quiet and free play periods.

Daily diaries are kept to tell you about your child’s day, and include information about personal hygiene, feeding and curriculum. Weekly development assessments are made which are reviewed 3 times per year and relayed to parents at scheduled developmental evenings.

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday 7.30am – 6.30pm

Closed: Bank Holidays, Easter Monday, St. Patrick’s Day, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, St Stephen’s Day, New Years Eve & New Years Day

We also close for up to 2 additional days over the Christmas period as agreed from year to year.